Welcome to Studentenstadt Freimann

The Studentenstadt Freimann (lit. “Student town”, often abbreviated as “StuSta”) in Munich is, with its 2500 residents, one of Germany’s largest student dorms. It is owned and operated by the Student Union Munich, and originally built by the Studentenstadt München e. V..

I live in the StuSta!

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It contains much more information for residents of the StuSta.

Informationen about the StuSta

About Studentenstadt


The StuStaNet e. V. manages the network access in the Studentenstadt.


The main task of the Kulturleben in der Studentenstadt e. V. (culture life in Studentenstadt) is the organization of the annual student festival StuStaCulums.


There’s a sports club in Studentenstadt, which offers all kinds of sports in StuSta’s own sports hall. This club also manages a very successful rugby team.


There is an alumni organization for everyone who wants to stay in touch with their friends in StuSta.

Community Facilities

We have many community-run facilities: Common rooms, bars, small shops and cultural programs for StuSta residents.

Student Self-Administration

The Student Self-Administration of StuSta concerns all aspects where the people living in StuSta shape StuSta. You can participate as well!